Ozone Hair Line

Through a vehicle of great safety and rare efficacy such as the O3 cleverly contained in the OZONE DREAM line, it is possible to bring to the various layers of the skin (epidermis, dermis and hypodermis) that vital element that is Oxygen. In order to facilitate the cyclic activity of the follicle, which includes the period of growth called ANAGEN, that of involution, CATAGEN, and finally that of rest or TELOGEN, through the use of a rigorous method because of a medical-scientific matrix, we will do use of a line of high quality and above all hypoallergenic hair cosmetics, totally natural, respectful of the skin and the environment, which will bring oxygen to the dermis, the erector muscle of the hair and the hypodermis.

The beneficial effect of stimulating the microcirculation will affect veins and arteries as well as the hair bulbs. OZONO DREAM makes available to operators in the trichological sector a line of products that contain the precious O3 molecule.

Ozone, a natural molecule, many times resolving many diseases, without having to resort to the use of aggressive chemical compounds, difficult to dispose of, too many times characterized by side and toxic effects. Medical companies that deal with oxygen ozone therapy have been supervising the medical and regulatory aspect for many years at an international level.

A guarantee of enormous value and safety but also a patrimony of world scientific experiences.