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Smooth Effect Shampoo

Pearl shampoo, characterized by a very smooth soft foam and the presence of ozonated oil; exerts a conditioning / laminating action on the hair by the action of conditioning quaternary polymers and film-forming silicones with a high light effect. Hydrates the hair fiber and brings relaxation and redefinition to the hair thanks to the mix of specific active ingredients.

Smooth Effect Mask

Technical acidifying treatment, in emulsion, facilitates the smooth or natural wavy effect with maximum practicality, characterized by the presence of ozonated oil. It is indicated to keep the smoothness on straight hair or to facilitate smooth hairstyles on curly hair. It has a conditioning and anti-frizz action, bringing discipline to the hair and facilitating the drying technique. The hair is soft and shiny, less sensitive to the action of atmospheric moisture; this allows a longer duration and composure to the straight or curly hair.


Energizing Active Lotion

Hydroalcoholic lotion adjuvant to the treatment of hair loss prevention, characterized by the presence of ozonated oil. Formulated based on Essential Oils and Plant Extracts which give it a sanitizing, stimulating action on the skin microcirculation, energizing and revitalizing the hair bulb.