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Color Maintenance Shampoo

Extremely rich formula, characterized by the presence of ozonated oil, containing cationic polymers with conditioning action, a creamy base with an emollient and nourishing action and silicone conditioning which, in addition to intensifying the detangling and softening action of the product, provide a high light effect for a result of soft, light and shiny hair, ideal for the treatment of colored hair, often dull and brittle due to the treatments undergone. It also performs a protective action against the main causes of color fading (solar radiation and environmental pollutants).

Color Maintenance Mask

Cream pack for the treatment of colored and sensitized hair, characterized by the presence of ozonated oil, has a creamy, vase-like consistency. It protects the hair from external aggressions and prolongs the duration of the color thanks to the presence of a cationic polymer (quaternium-87) which films the hair optimizing the cohesion between the scales; this same polymer has a high ability to reflect light and consequently increases the brightness of the color. Ozone develops a conditioning effect exerted on the hair. It is obtained with extremely innovative new generation products with an over-greasing effect that brings not only conditioning to the hair, but also an extremely soft and silky touch. Ozone also has a protective action against free radicals and solar radiation. It also contains protective factors against UV rays and heat to protect the hair from damage resulting from the sun and heat.



Energizing Active Lotion

Hydroalcoholic lotion adjuvant to the treatment of hair loss prevention, characterized by the presence of ozonated oil. Formulated based on Essential Oils and Plant Extracts which give it a sanitizing, stimulating action on the skin microcirculation, energizing and revitalizing the hair bulb.