O3 Smoothing cuticle shampoo - Shampoo smooth effect

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Shampoo pearly, characterized by a soft foam is a very fluid and by the presence of ozonated oil has on the hair action conditioning/self-laminating to the action of polymers, quaternary conditioning agents and silicones, film-forming high-light effect. Moisturizes the hair fiber and brings relaxation and redefinition to the hair thanks to the mix of active principles specifici.

Active principles
RELAXING COMPLEX (cationic Polymers, silicones, conditioning, and wheat protein) effect on the skin, and volume control. Plays an effective hair conditioning and detangling, as well as protective through the closing of the scales, and the formation of a protective film that makes the hair smooth at the comb and gives it softness. The synergy of action of these active ingredients allows for the adjustment of the volume due to the hair unruly, the relaxation of the hair fiber for a smooth effect perfect.

Light effect 
SILICONES, CONDITIONING Silicones specific intensify the brightness of the hair.

Emollient effect and nourishing
SWEET ALMOND OIL, MILK COTTON almond oil exerts a soothing action, ensures nutrition to the hair and protects it from the processes of drying (environmental factors, drying,...) that cause loss of brightness. The milk cotton exerts on the hair, a good nourishing effect, and protective.

Mode of use
Apply to damp hair. Emulsify. Leave for 2 or 3 minutes. Comb and rinse with plenty of water warm.

250 ml.
COD. D-001