O3 Soothing oil shampoo - Oil-Shampoo dermo soothing

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Characterized by the presence of ozonated oil, rich in active principles with soothing and dermocalmanti contains Cocoyl Imidazolina, the low index of irritation, and which is of the high protective action is due to the chemical structure of the imidazolina that is able to create a sort of buffer
protective both at the dermal level on the hair. The combination of the base a delicate mix of specific active ingredients dermolenitivi, makes it the ideal product for the cleansing of hair after chemical treatments which can irritate the skin and/or sensitive skin in general, also great for frequent use.

Olio shampoo at physiological pH, formulated with cleansing agents derived from coconut oil, extremely delicate, non-aggressive and with a very low impact on the skin.

Active principles
ESTRATTO CALENDULA - with a soothing action and emollient.
ESTRATTO OF ICELAND LICHEN - With emollient, dermo-purifying and rich in mucilage to the soothing action .
GLICERINA AND NMF2 - (moisturizing factor already naturally present on the skin) active ingredients with a high moisturizing action.
ALLANTOINA AND ALPHA-BISABOLOL: active principles, which are specific for a soothing effect and dermosoothing.

Mode of use
Apply to wet hair, emulsify gently to create a soft foam and compact, massage on the scalp and leave on for 2 or 3 minutes then rinse with plenty of warm water.

250 ml.
COD. N-001