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Ozone Treatment regenerating

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Visibly improves the structure of the hair from the inside to the outside. It gives shine and resistance.

A real innovation. Thanks to the properties of ozone, it gives a new structure to the hair, slowing down the aging process.

Regenerating treatment for all hair types. It intervenes inside the stem making it stronger and full-bodied and giving a new structure to the hair that is immediately visibly younger.

HOW TO USE Treatment in the
salon. To be used in combination with Ozone Shampoo and Ozone Water.
Wash your hair with Ozone Shampoo and dab with a wipe. Next, divide the hair in the center, into 2 sections (from ear to ear). Next, divide the right and left section into 3 sections and the rear section into 5 (lock height about 3 cm).

ON MEDIUM-LONG HAIR: Apply 1-2 doses per section (11 sections) of Ozone Treatment, massage with the fingertips following the scale. The thermal heat of the hands and the massage will make the product penetrate optimally the ozone conveyed by the Argan oil will release its benefits on the hair. Finally, comb with Tangle Mouse Emmediciotto and leave on for 10 min.

ON VERY SHORT HAIR: Apply half a dose for each section.

ON COARSE, CURLY, FRIZZY OR BLEACHED HAIR: do not rinse. Eliminate, with the help of the hair dryer, about 80% of the moisture from the hair. Next, apply Ozone Water and complete the drying.

ON MEDIUM OR THIN HAIR: perform a slight rinse without completely removing the product (4-5 sec).


50 ml/1.69 fl oz

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