Why Ozono

At the basis of life: OZONE

Ozone line is a range of high-tech professional products.
Raw materials and active ingredients, with properties targeted to the different needs of hair and skin.


Monitorando always the trends of the industry today is extremely dynamic and in need of novelty, and inventive, highly skilled personnel experienced materials and active ingredients, create products always more innovative in both form and performances this course is intended as daily priorities and irrinunciabili:
1 - continuous contact with the producers of raw materials, in order to have always available and in a timely manner with the innovative active principles of the momento.
2 - participation in fairs and conferences to analyze the type of products on the market and new techniques produttive.
3 - Know the needs of the final consumer of the prodotto.
4 - Know the trends and industry news affini.


On all incoming raw material is eseguita:
1 - Verify that every raw material is accompanied by the relative technical data sheet, msds and data tossicologici.
2 - For each lot of raw material, verify that there is a certificate of analysis and chemical-physical analysis microbiologica.
3 - Control the specific chemical and physical: pH at 25°C (Ph-meter Mettler - Toledo), Viscosity (Viscosimeter Brookfield) specific gravity at 25° C (Pycnometer).
4- Control of organoleptic properties: physical State (solid, liquid, etc), Smell, Color. The measured parameters should fall within the range of the specification indicated in the technical sheets for each raw material. The final product is always subjected to stability tests to ensure the quality in the tempo.


Dopo the microbiological analysis on finished product before filling there is an additional check to verify a possible contamination of the contenitore.