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Shampoo (100 ml) and Anti-Fall Stimulating Lotion

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With plant stem cells, with an energizing and preventive

anti-fall action Top quality binomial:

  • Stimulating
    shampoo Stimulating shampoo formulated with delicate detergents, dermocompatible and essential oils (Rosemary, Sage, Mint, Lavender, GInepro, Cinnamon). It performs an effective sanitizing and soothing function. It respects the physiology of the skin and hair and gives vigor, strength and combability.
    100 ml and 3.38 fl. oz
  • Anti-fall lotion that promotes regrowth

    An exclusive concentrate of substances of natural origin that stimulates healthy hair growth, prolonging its life cycle. a precious mixture of substances, all of vegetable origin (nettle, fig, rosemary, chili, thyme, tuia, sage, dandelion, ginseng, yarrow, lavender, chincona, white birch) that performs an anti-aging action and that brings vitality and energy to the skin and hair. formulated with a reduced alcohol content and free of parabens and dyes. Convenient spray dosing.
    100 ml and 3.38 fl. oz Natural formulations and made in Italy - in addition with the purchase of the products you can request free

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